[V- VERSION UPDATED] (YunJae Theories “The secret pill” in Saipan?) (Body Language)

Nhân sâm đó XD


I really don’t know if anyone noticed this while watching DBSK in Saipan but do you still remember episode 3 when Jaejoong as the MC starts to show what’s inside DBSK Bags? These theories and body language came from different reliable source. From experts to Yunjae fans.
I can’t stop laughing when the after dinner part suddenly came on screen because just like how the caption says it is supposedly dinner right and dinner means night but looking at the vid It looks morning to me not evening LOL
The morning sun is practically illuminating inside the DBSK room and the boys look like they just woke up LOL well maybe it’s just my imagination *wink*. Maybe they shoot this scene before the game? Not sure… because I don’t think the camera can trick the light coming from outside the glass door wherein the light is reflected.

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